We welcome you to our local Las Vegas non-profit organization, The Ogden Foundation.


The Ogden foundation, founded by Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee Jonathan Ogden and his wife Kema, is an extension of The Jonathan Ogden Foundation which was established in 1996.
The Jonathan Ogden Foundation, Inc was established in 1996 as a tax-exempt charitable organization to assist young people in disadvantaged communities develop self esteem through athletics and education. On December 11, 1996 the Foundation first honored 150 High School football players from 15 Baltimore High Schools for outstanding academic achievement. The students received official Baltimore Ravens coasts, field passes to the Ravens’ game and halftime recognition. Since its inception, the positive impact has been remarkable with grades, SAT/ACT scores, graduation and college acceptance rates rising each year. We assist our students with SAT/ACT test preparation, college selection and preparing and submitting college applications. Jonathan and Kema have lived in the Las Vegas area for a combination of 45 years and they both saw a need to get more involved in the community in Vegas. Both foundations are dedicated to supporting their communities by building programs through strategic partnerships. Since local government cannot meet all social and recreational needs of our community, the Ogden Foundation and The Jonathan Ogden Foundation respond to this void by establishing initiatives and adopting projects that support families, unite communities, and promote healthy lifestyles.
Funding is obtained through individual donations, corporate sponsorships, matching fund campaigns, and partnerships with other agencies. Our record of success has resulted in on-going partnerships with community members, businesses, and other non-profit organizations.

Vision Statement
The Ogden Foundation seeks to instill healthy living habits and a sense of self-worth in Las Vegas and Henderson’s underprivileged population, through structured academic and athletic activities in a safe nurturing environment.

Our mission is to promote personal development through athletics, mentoring and education by providing a structured environment and empowerment programs. These are provided for at-risk youth and families in order to help build confidence, self esteem and healthy lifestyles.

We believe in achieving healthy minds and healthy bodies with the following benefits of exercise:
• Helps gain better coordination, balance, strength and endurance
• Teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and competition
• Helps boost self esteem and confidence
• Helps relieve tension and stress
• Encourages relaxation, improves mood
• Clears the mind and makes it easier to pay attention
• Helps build a positive self image
• Helps parent/child bonding when done as a family
We’re able to provide these benefits through athletic, academic and mentoring programs offered throughout the year.

The Ogden Foundation is a certified 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization